Green Feat Agro

Dried Hibiscus Flower

GreenFeat Agro Ltd is an exporter of choice for premium Dried Hibiscus Flower. We partner with customers around the world to supply Dried Hibiscus Flower used in the production of tea, medical additives, fragrance, colourants, dye, etc. Irrespective of your business need for Dried Hibiscus Flower, our team is ready to meet your specific requirements.
Typical specification readily available for export to our customers is as follows:

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Raw Cashew Nuts

With increasing realization of nutritional and medical benefits of cashew nuts, GreenFeat Agro Ltd. is exporting quality Raw Cashew Nuts to businesses across the globe to enable them meet the increasing customer demands.
Nigeria has one of the best cashew nuts in the world and GreenFeat is at the heart of this, sourcing and consistently exporting premium quality Raw Cashew Nuts to our customers. We export the following specification to our customers:

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Frozen Chicken

GreenFeat Agro Ltd supplies hygienically grown and processed chicken to all states or major cities across Nigeria. This is under a distributorship arrangement with leading producers of chicken in Nigeria. With production capacity in excess of 10,000 birds per day, GreenFeat is well positioned to meet large volume chicken demand from customers. Our premium quality chicken is available in any customer specification including but not limited to the following:

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